Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Collection Updates + Mail Sent out!

Alrighty folks everything has been sent out with the exception of _nofuturenohope. I need you to PM me your address, and your eeveelutions will be sent out promptly tommorow!! Sorry for the bit of delay, I've been extreemly busy with work, and company. Thank you for understanding.

With that lets get to my collection updates!

Shroomish and Brelooms!


Shroomish stamper! She was kind enough to include two AWESOME freebies as well, the breloom Waps, and the Shroomish marble.


Also when 216handsbound visited she brought me this card. I had originally seen warandromance I believe selling it, but someone had beat me to it. Well Gwen found someone else selling it and snatched it up. I dub this card "Bastard Shroomish." I mean..how could anyone be mean to a baby pokemon? xD Geez. I love the art on it.


Absol's art up next! This update is thanks to Pheonixxfoxx!


Absol Mini Cot! My very first Mini Cot ever..and man are they ever..mini! But oh so cute and very well detailed.



Raichu's are on now..with two new awesome additions..


Raichu battle mueseum, (and electabuzz thank you!) from meowthcollector, and Raichu Gashapon from kefanii



Gwen also brought our Sunnyshore order! My very first Skymin merch, the pokedoll! He's so squishy and adorable. :3



And last but certainly not least- Lions!


Jakks Shinx proudly joins the pride!

That's all for this update :D

Tags: absol, breloom, collection, raichu, shinx, shroomish, skymin
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