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Hey everyone! As you've probably guessed, I have some RL stuff going on now and haven't been online very much. I'm hoping to return to being active soon, but I need to sort these things out first >>;

But enough of that. I come bearing some new additions!

Starting off - Something I've been trying to get since I found out about it.

THE FINAL CHARMELEON PLUSH. At last, I have him complete with his original clip, something I thought I'd end up never getting >>;

Also! I received a very special package from Gin <3

Firstly, Charmeleon love! And a lil Charmander! I love these coloured figures for some reason O_o

KAMEIIIRU~ And Zenis :D Do love <333

Ash Blok! And other miscellaneous loves <33333

Urk. Bloody camera glare >>; Anyway, Luxio menko, and something I never thought I'd ever own - MONFERNO KESHIPOKE. asdfghjkl;.

So a HUGE thank you Gin - You've completely cheered me up, I can't thank you enough right now. I've been feeling very down lately with everything going on, so thanks for making me feel much better <3

I also received items from regen (The final Absol! Thank you SO much once more!) and happyjolteon (I've been looking for Delibird's Zukan & that Mew keychain for a while, thank you too)!

Finally, sapphire_luna - It's been about a month since I paid for the poster, but I still haven't received anything ._.; Any idea where it is? ^^
Tags: charmander, charmeleon, kadabra, monferno, sandshrew, squirtle, wartortle
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