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Overwhelmed and small update

Hey guys! It's been a few months but I finally moved back home and even bought a new display case for all my collections! (I only collect Pokemon and Ginga but I'm focusing on Pokemon in this post for obvious reasons) I just wanted to show it off. ~

new cabinet

I originally wanted one of those nice display cases you see in retail stores but most were around $1000 for the size I needed. So, I turned to craigslist and got this gorgeous case for $175. It's over 6 feet tall, at least 3 feet wide, and about 14~ inches deep. Made with natural bleached wood, glass shelves, glass encased, and a mirror back along with a light at the top I got it for a steal. Now, to focus on the part that really matters...


The top shelf that has all of my Pokemon plushies. You can't see them all in this picture but it's a lot better IRL when you can move around to see them all. It's pretty much full at this point but I plan on getting wall shelves to put my less expensive plushies on (though most of mine are kinda pricey since I'm so picky and have 'expensive tastes'...) Because my ginga collection takes priority I don't have more than this to display my Pokemon collection in the cabinet so I'm thinking of buying a smaller case that is multi-level to put my small items such as figures and zukans in.


My 20th birthday was May 7th and I got a Pikachu 3DS XL from my parents! I'm late to the Pika DS scene but I'm just happy to actually own this badass piece of merchandise. I even bought a special clear case for it and screen protectors to keep it in as best condition as possible. I also bought Pokemon Rumble for my first 3DS game. I literally only bought a 3DS because it had Pikachu on it and for X and Y. XD

pika 3ds

Also, I'm feeling REALLY overwhelmed by all the promotions and merchandise lately, I simply can't keep up without running myself into debt. I know budgeting and whatnot is very important in collecting (especially Pokemon) but I'm to the point where I'm getting stressed because I simply don't have enough to get the things I want right away, I mean just a week after the karp merchandise is released it's pretty much sold out and the prices have skyrocketed. On top of that there is SO much nice merchandise that to just only choose a select few things is difficult. Don't get me wrong I LOVE seeing all these promotions and exciting new things it just hurts the collector inside of me that wants it all. XD

Does anyone else feel like this?

Tags: ampharos, eevee, growlithe, jolteon, pikachu, plush, ponyta, poochyena, raikou, zorua
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