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Collection Update + Photo(s)!

I would have made another photostory, but I'm just dog-tired from work this week (plus aiming for my P plates for driving now that I've finally got the time between work and studies to get my skills back up).
I got woken up this morning by an awesome package! Yay for days off and packages coinciding. This post is unfriendly to anything not over 56kbps.

DP06! The whole set rocked up today on my doorstep. Time for their close-ups. (Pardon the mess, this was pre-cleanup XD)

Happy TimePony.

Dosaidon Family.


Nasshii and Kimawari Families.

Manafi Family.


Megayanma Family.

Donkarasu Family.

Display: now with intentional gaps. I have all of DP5 on the way (GIRATINAYAY) and I've got room for them there. I love my display, it's made of recycled boxes from work and paper. :D

It's official, I'm up to 107 kids on my desk, with one duplicate kid I've got hiding away to be traded or sold one day.

Desk in it's entirety, with kids, Zukan, displays and Biohazard figures.
I always have found it amusing that I have two major collections that are complete opposites in style and also ratings (I mean, zombies and B.O.Ws vs ARMY OF POKEMON. Whut.)
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