Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first ever Pkmn package!

:D I'm rather chuffed that I can post this here now because today my first ever Pkmn package arrived!

This is my first bit of Pkmn stuff because as far as I recall my only other Pkmn stuff is 2 games and about 100 cards from like 10 years ago XD So this is essentially the very start of my collection, I was inspired to start by the great collections everyone here has and if I can get one at half as good as them then I'll be happy.

Excuse me if I mess this up, I'm not too good at LJ cuts, and also the date is wrong on my camera.

Aren't they cute!? Cherubi has a little problem standing up because one side of her is weighted what with the extra head thing and all, but not as much as Roselia has because she has tiny tiny feets look at them!

I see you guys talking about kids and zukans and I've got literally zero clue about the names of merchandise but I can tell you that my Bellossom, Sunkern and Sunflora all have Nintendo copyright TOMY on them but the other three don't. Cherubi has 297 CHINA, Budew has 283 CHINA and Roselia has nothing at all. Doesn't make me love them any less though :)

In fact I think Budew is a pencil topper!

Hope you enjoyed my first post, can you tell I have a favourite type? ;)

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