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A Larger Then Average Wild Box Appears


Most of you know what this post is about!
A larger then average box showed up at my apartment door earlier then expected, well actually the mail man tried to deliver it while I was off at the local Post Office mailing packages!
I checked my mail before my ride left so I asked her if we could run by the P.O. again, she had no problem with this.
When we got to the P.O., the clerk told me that, "The driver has not returned from his route yet, but he should return before closing. We will be sure to tell him to redeliver your box tomorrow."
As long as I have been waiting for, "Holy Grail" of my collection, I didn't want to wait one more day. Thanks to the neighbor's wonderful mother, whom happened to have a nasty headache yesterday, I was able to get back to the P.O. around closing time and my box was there!! Thanks Barbara, I owe you!!!

I took several pics yesterday and I had plans of posting them in the form of a story post, but LJ kept shrinking my images down which made them to small to read what I had written. This was frustrating me and not to mention nasty weather was on route to my area, I hate being on the computer during a storm!! Well, I figured that tomorrow/today is another day...So here we go!!

This story maybe image heavy, so those with slow connections have been warned, though I compressed my photos by saving them in JPG format...

Well, on another note, I have a few Pokemon "goodies" up on if you get a chance, check out my auctions:

eBay Auctions

As always, it has been some time since I have done a sales post, I have tons of new unique and interesting Pokemon "goodies" for sale in my little LJ shop:

To the "Absol"-lute Pokemon Shop

Thanks and have a groovy week!!!

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