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Licki collector looking for some info

Since I'm trying to be the ultimate licki collector I figure some of you may know if certain items exist or not of it. So let's see what is out there:

Since I'm not familiar with all the cards is there such thing as a trainer TCG card with lickitung artwork on it?

I've seen some megablok Pokemon around, would one exist of lickitung/lickilicky?  anwered

I own the lickilicky kid but is there such thing as a lickitung kid? answered

Is there such thing as a lickitung metal figure (I've seen those around and for many different pokemon but not lickitung)?

Lastly does anyone own the reversible lickitung plushie and would sell it? (don't necessarily have the money right now but I'm just curious).

And that's all the retarded questions I have to ask right now D:
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