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Gets from sunyshore

Wednesday I finally got my "shiny" package from sunyshore, which was blocked at customs since May 3. Online track was saying that they were contacting the buyer or seller, but in fact they didn't do nothing and I had to call them... Anyway, I was so excited :3

I had found this Gyarados on ebay around a hundred euros. It was expensive but I really wanted this plush and was scared of missing it. So it worthed the price I guess. But then I never found a Magikarp I could buy. That's why I was very happy when I knew about his re-released. Both colors go so well together ^^

For the sub' plush I already had one but decided owning a new one in case the re-released one would be different. And it does. As it has already been said, the new one has a smaller head. And mine has a different mouth too but I guess it's an isolated difference. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And finally I decided to make a Beams comparison. Cause I wasn't expected the Patchwork Pikachu being so big :O Love him <3

Oh and I also received two T-shirts
(in fact I had already received them a few weeks ago but the size was not good at shoulders so I had to change them)

As you can see, a good day :)

And today, once again a packet. But not the one I thought. I've got a Motion Gallery Box arrived in Paris so I thought maybe receiving it today. Thus when I came back home and saw the postman (such a lucky boy I am here), I was pretty sure that one of his packets would be for me. Seeing a bags wrapping like Gin ones, I don't know why I said to myself : "a Giant Karp ?" realising few seconds later that mine hadn't been sent yet lol ><
So I let you discover what was inside...
So cuteeee !!! (in his way ^^)

I also received the Tomy super size red Genesect figure

And I took a photo of different stuff for a size comparison because once again, I was not expecting it so big.
Of course, compared to the Giant karp I guess it's nothing. But I didn't imagine it as big. So he cannot go to the place planned for him. But normally I found a new place where he will be fine :3

In fact unregistered packages are funny since you don't know when you receive them x)

That's all for now ^^
Find more details on my website (although it is still quite incomplete) :
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