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Intro + Card Gets from Mitsuwa (again)

Hi, my name is Robert and I've been in this wonderful community for a little over 2 months. My intrests in my free time is to collect Tomy figures and cards. I was very ecstatic to find these wonderful cards in a Japanese store 45 minutes from my house. As of now, my collection has grown. All of my gets (at least one card) were from the following sets (Base, Jungle, Team Rocket, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery and Neo Revelation
[Card gets :D]IMG_2203[1]IMG_2204[1]IMG_2209[1]IMG_2210[1]IMG_2213[1]IMG_2214[1]IMG_2215[1]IMG_2216[1]
Hopefully you liked my nice gets! All of them (but them metal energy holo) were cards missing in my collection.
Tags: beedrill, cards, delibird, electrode, golbat, magneton, phanpy, sentret
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