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That feel when you lose 3 eBay auctions you've been watching for a week all within the course of an hour... ouch. Well, I guess that means all the money I set aside is opened up for some random spending! While my girlfriend's collection is all over the place, I am very specific with what I collect: Halloween-themed ghosties!My grail, of course, is the Halloween 2010 Gengar Banpresto

but I am also looking for any of the ghost Pokedolls (released for Halloween) and the mini ones too. I am wanting ones with all the tags. I already have the Halloween Litwick, Chandelure, and Sableye.

Now for the random ones...

I REALLY want the trick-or-treating bag they gave away in Pokemon Centers on Halloween, but I have never seen a picture. I think it would be like the one in this ad (if not, I want that too). Of course the other items featured are ones I am looking for (minus Pikachu and the Golbat hat).

Looking for the drawstring bag in particular in this one (I love my pumpkin patch one). Also the box/tin.

If you have anything like this you are willing to sell, or see anything I might not know about, PLEASE let me know! 
Tags: drifblim, drifloon, dusclops, dusknoir, duskull, gengar, haunter, misdreavus, mismagius, rotom, shuppet, spiritomb
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