Amanda (caterpie) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hey guys. I'm back (not that anyone missed me xD)... Ok I've been back for a week already. xD I've received some packages but I'm waiting for the last one to make a collection update. It's gonna be a big one compared to my other ones! Still, that's not what this post is about.
I've been seeing people here and on other sites making those cute sculpey figures and I wanted to give it a try (as I need to find something I don't fail completely at xD). Thing is... I have no idea how it all works. So could someone help me out here? Just answer a few things, like what kind of sculpey clay thing to use (since there seem to be lots of them), or if there's something I have to pay attention to.. What kind of paint to use, stuff like that. Plus I've always been curious about that baking thing. How does that work?
Any help is appreciated. Ignoring me isn't but it tends to happen a lot (not necessarily here) so I'm used to it. xD Thank you! ^^
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