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Wanted and a warning

Hai guys! I know I posted my wants not *too* long ago, but I've since aquired some amazing things and even discoverd some new Quagsire items. Some of comm members have been amazingly thoughtful and helpful in my hunt for quag merch!

Tips and links to auctions are always appreciated, especially since I mostly just search the term "quagsire" which often misses things in lots!

Since Zen just did an amazing quag collection vid I'll hold off for a while on my update, though I did receive the most amazing custom!! I'll be doing a re-vamp on my collection site soon!

Without further ado, My wants:

Top Wants!:

1) Retsuden Stamp
2) Foam Stamp
3) Candy Grabber (With tail! I have one w/o)
4) *GRAIL* Metal Coin
5) *GRAIL* Foam Figure (kinda like a stress ball)
6) Mug
7) Soft Touch Figure

Note on 7, this looks a lot like the kid figure but here is a comparison picture to highlight the differences

And my list of *secondary* wants, things I still really want but am not quite as set on yet:

1) Quagsire in mud sticker
2) Fan
3) Magnetic Pop-up toy
4) Dice
6) Thermos
7) Chop Stick rest
8) Crayon

Special Thank You! to Zenity for providing pictures for my wants list!!

And on a side note I'd like to just put a blurb out there about the company/website Toys Logic

This is a bit of a head-up / Warning about this company.

I found them when Eevee mania first started because they had each item up for pre-order for very good prices, even the coveted Vaporeon! So I went on an order spree! Here is the timeline of unfortunate events:

Opened an account and made an order of the following (I'm adding the actual release date next to each item):

1 x Pokemon - I love Eevee 14cm Vaporeon Plush (TL300810627)  (March 2013) $16.99
1 x Pokemon - I Love Eevee Leafeon 14cm Plush (TL300811796)  (April 2013) $16.99
1 x Pokemon - Leafeon Love Eevee Vol. 2 Plush (TL300810106)  (Feb. 2013) $39.99
1 x Pokemon Best Wishes - Eevee Ippai Collection Set of 8 (TL300809267)  (Dec. 2012) $38.54
1 x Pokemon Best Wishes - Eevee Ippai Collection Set of 8 (TL300809267)  (Dec. 2012) $38.54
(and added a few days later)
1 x Pokemon - Pokemon Trading Figures Set of 12 (TL300810138) (Feb. 2013) $25.99

So as you can see I had a pretty substantial open order with them, paid up front via pay pal, and set it to ship as they arrived.

Each item had a pre-order end date that was set for about a month AFTER the actual release dates in Japan, so I inquired, just to be sure I understood why, and said that I was a bit worried, that if I waited and waited for them to get the items and they never ACTUALLY got them that I may miss my chance to get them at a good price. I was also curious because I was already seeing ippai figures for sale on other US sites but these were still listed as pre-order.

"Hi Ashley,
Yes, as you guessed, our release dates are a little after the actual release date because we have to account for international shipping. Because you paid through paypal, your order got automatically charged. For orders paid through credit card we do not charge until we receive the item. Placing an order puts you into our system and guarantees your order; if for some unforeseen reason we cannot fulfill your order we will refund you the cost of the item(s). Based on what you have ordered I do not foresee any problems with any of your items; we have never had issues with Pokemon items. Toyslogic also does not raise the price on our items simply because of "lack of supply". If you have any other concerns please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thank you,

She kinda missed my point about the prices, but I figured a bit of a wait was reasonable.

I received my first "Item Delayed" e-mail, and it was for the ippai which were to be delayed another month, they had already been out for over 2 months at this point, but I just deiced I should be pashent and wait.

Received ANOTHER "Item Delayed" e-mail for ippai figures, to be delayed another month.

Received "Item Delayed" e-mail for 14 cm Leafeon plush and the "Vol. 2" Leafeon plush, to be delayed another month.

At this point I still have not recieved ANY of my items so I send the following message:

"So my order has been delayed another month on items other sites have in stock... Not going to lie, I'm pretty irritated. I would *like* to cancel all my pre orders at this point as this sort of delay seems to be a trend... But looking over your policies I am confused about my options and fees I may have to pay considering how far out I placed the order... Can you clarify this for me please?"

"Hi Ashley,

Sorry for the inconvenient, and irritation that we costed you.  The shipment is scheduled to arrive at April 15th.  This is currently an extremely popular items, if you cancel this you will have to pay a very high price for them.    We just got back from convention, and some dealers are selling them at $30.00 while you only pay 16.99 for the plush.  If you would keep your order, we will try to accommodate you by giving you free gifts in your package.  Please let me if you still want to cancel them.

Again, we are sincerely sorry for this delay.


Rissa "

I don't want free gifts lady I want the shit I orderd and have been waiting months for! And everyone knows that prices at conventions are redonk, they always are, thats why I dont want to miss my chance to get them elsewhere! And she totally did NOT answer my questions about fees for cancellations at all.

I reply: "I'm not blaming anyone but I am tired of waiting, I would like to cancel my orders."

I still haven't received an order cancellation, so at this point I'm starting to think they are going to try and pull something funny like wait so long that they DO actually get the items and then want me to pay some sort of re-stocking fee... send a frendly reminder

"Just following up. My orders have not been canceled yet, is there a reason or something I need to do other than email you? Please let me know."

I recive a "Ready To Ship" notice for the Pokemon Kid's set and the Leafeon Vol. 2 plush.... Which I had asked to be cancled....

A few hours later they reply:
"Sorry for the late reply.
We will process the cancellation and refund back to you."

My order is finally taken down off the web page (like completely, no info on the cancellation or how much the order was for, I just no longer have an order), but I hadn't received a refund to my account, so I email them yet again asking about my refund and get no reply.

I actually CALL the store where this place is based and just get some cashier girl who can't help me and tells me the person who is in charge of online orders is out traveling to conventions and is delayed with work.

How can you run a legit business like this???? I'm really really over Toy's Logic at this point.

I FINALLY receive my refund a month after I actually asked for it.

As of today 5/29/13 the ippai figures are STILL on "pre-order" on the web page!! Along with most of the I <3 Eevee stuff.

I'm not saying this company is scamming people, though I have heard other accounts of VERY slow or even some canceled pre-orders, I'm just letting you know that my experience was not good and I felt customer service really fell short.
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