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[//Let's get it started]

Ok guys, just to remind everyone the auction will end at 1pm GMT sharp!

That's in approximately 5 hours!! :edit because I obviously can't count ;-;

And to also clarify, if we win these baibiez the remainder will be sorted through by me and listed back on the community for sale! :3

Also as an aside, me and pheonixxfoxx are collaborating on this, and she has already put up a notice on her 'coming soon' page.
If you're bidding on the comm auction please don't reserve the same zukan from her. If we start to have people backing out it will cause big problems for the both of us. By the time we are done there will be plenty of zukan to go around.

Thankyou guys~ <3

Also; I'm going to be a bit awol today, I'm running around after appointments. Fingers crossed everything will still go smoothly X3;; Ah life XD
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