Jay Moss (onsentamago) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jay Moss

Intro post!

Hey all! Figured it was about time I actually joined rather than simply lurked around ^_^;;

My name's Jay, aka OnsenTamago, and I've just recently rediscovered my Pokelove! I was a fan all those years ago when the original anime and games got me hooked and I had no qualms about abandoning college homework in favour of taking my Bulbasaur through gym battle after gym battle, whilst Ash strived to become the greatest Pokemon master EVAR on TV!

Fast forward a few years spent out of the loop, and as Ash is still striving to becoming the greatest Pokemon master (having mastered eternal youth at the same time over the past decade), the Diamond and Pearl games got me back into Pokemon again and through shootthetanks (my better half) and kiraras_lemon (both of whom pointed me in the direction of this community with nothing but positive comments about it XD ), I found out that there was an even larger world of merchandise out there! Two visits to Japan this year necessitated many jaunts to the Pokemon Centres in Tokyo and Yokohama, which just put an exclamation mark on how much is out there!

And to my delight, there was a lot, specifically soft toys, dedicated to my two favourite Pokemon!

Honestly, I'm fairly new to collecting so I couldn't really tell you the specifics of each one, but my general rule of thumb is that if it's Piplup or Pachirisu, and it's cute, I'm interested! XD

The Pachirisu side. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the canvas plush, but it would be like choosing between my children. My electric squirrel children.

The Piplup side. shootthetanks and I went to Tokyo a week ago and my Piplup collection pretty much doubled whilst we were out there! Before we went, the one thing I promised myself that I would get is the talking Piplup, which is an absolute gem but there must be some knack to playing with him. Nine times out of ten, I have to throw him in the air or shake him to get a reaction, and usually it's a rather miffed one ^_^;; And when we went to 7-Eleven, we found bobblehead plushies, so I made sure to grab the Piplup one. It's as cute as it sounds!

So there we are! Thanks for reading and I look forward to collecting alongside you all!

Best wishes,
- Jay.
Tags: collection, introductions, pachirisu, piplup
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