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[We made it//]

We won!!! *dances* :D

Sorry for not posting earlier, but I wanted to get confirmation from pheonixxfoxx before celebrating prematurely and finding a fly in the ointment~!

Everyone that received an 'Auction Closed' or similar in their inbox was the highest bidder and won that auction, if there is some confusion, the post will tell you what's what!

I will be shortly individually referencing and totalling up what everybody owes, this might take a liiiittle while, since I'll be guesstimating postage costs from me to you (trust me, it will be easier in the long run!), and I will post up totals as and when I have them.

In an ideal world, I'd love payments within a week or so, but I have a reserve of $$ for anyone who needs time (for example, e-checks) or can't pay yet for whatever reason!!
What I do ask is that you tell me now of any problems; this will save me getting peeved with you for no reason :O

And I think that covers my main points. Any questions, direct them to yours truly!

I would also like to thank everyone that helped out, everyone in chat that supported me when I messed up! And thanks to my better half for closing the auction while I melted in the sun, Foxx for graciously allowing use of her account, An last but not least, to everybody that bid. You all rock c|
It makes me very happy to see the community pulling together as we did :3

.. We wooon we wooon ... *ahem* yep, that's all from me |D
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