knienke (knienke) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales! It's been a while!

I've got straps, zukan, Tomy's, candy figure and more!

~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ Haggling is okay!
~ I reuse package materials. Therefor I don't charge anything for shipping materials.
~ Please make an order of at least $1.00 total
~ Shipping starts at $1.26 in Europe, $1.33 everywhere else. (up to 20g)
~ $2.66 up to 50g - $3.99 up to 100g (Worldwide)
~ You are allowed to haggle, or make an offer!
~ Feedback:
~ Old feedback:

Arcanine metal 016
Meowth keychain figure $1.00
Marill strap $1.50
Pikachu strap (horrible paintjob) $0.25
Pichu strap $1.50
Arcanine metal 020
Buneary zukan $4.00
Chikorita zukan $7.00
Pikachu movie(?) zukan $6.50
Leafeon/Glaceon zukan (no Eevee) $7.00
Arcanine metal 023
Golduck bronze metal figure $2.50
Rhydon bronze metal figure $2.50
Pokemon sales 001
Chibi stamps
Butterfree $2,00
Tauros $2.50
Ponyta $3.00
Rhydon $2.00
Clefairy $3.00
Pokemon sales 002
Eevee kid figure winking $5.00
Flareon Ippai figure (paint job one left eye not so good) $7.00
Pokemon sales 005
Candy figures Europe
Psyduck $2.00
Squirtle $4.00
Blastoise $5.00
Poliwhirl $2.00
Togepi $3.00
Pokemon sales 006
Tomy figures
Chikorita $2.50
Bayleef $2.50
Meganium $2.50
Whole Chikorita line $6.00
Pikachu $2.50
Pokemon sales 008
Flippo collectors
complete with all flippo's (pogs)
Condition of the holder is not mint
$8.00 (multiple available)

Thank you for looking. =3
Tags: sales
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