Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Let's go surfin' now....

I went to the car boot last week. I usually find the classic Tomy figures and Play-by-Play plushies, but this time I found something different.....

Well maybe it's more like 'Surf's Up Hiei'..... Either way, I haven't seen this particular item before. It's in pretty good condition too. I'll have to break it to him that the board's gonna be Dialgas new addition soon XD; Dialga has a beach theme goin' down right now.

Also, unfortunately due to the high price of tax and insurance, I can no longer afford to keep my car. So, we've sold it. With the money though, I'm planning on going back to Japan - No definite date, but we're gonna go back anytime from now to November. I'm torn between Shaymin & Christmas merch though >>; I love both of them but.... Help me out? Which one? ._.;
Tags: pikachu
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