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[We're in trouble now...~ It's only just beginning//]

Thanks to Garefowl, I have totals much quicker than I expected!! ♥

The invoice style goes as follows;

LJ username: Bid price | S/H | Description | Ultimate Total ~!

The shipping estimates were made by approximating size and weighing my current zukan collection packed in jiffy bags. I think they're accurate (read; hope!), but wow do I have a headache now XD

Dear Team of reserves; leave me your emails and I'll send you totals, failing that I'll be in chat later on! XD

Dear everybody, to make sure that this all goes through correctly, make sure to do the following!
1. CHECK your prices and won auctions, any discrepancies, contact me immediately!!
2. When sending your paypal payment put your LJ username, and list the zukan you are paying for in the message not the subject! (I expect a few people to forget, it's only human, but please try ^_^)
3. Relax, you've made my job easier!!

Me and Foxx will be awaiting the invoice for both auctions (yes, there were two lots from the same seller hehehe) and will act accordingly, and keep you all updated on the state of play.

Oh, and I think you might need my paypal email... !! It's kisuneko[AT]googlemail.com

(also sorry for third post today *slap'd wrist* :c)

Thanks guys |3
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