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Spooky collection update!

Hello guys!! :)

I haven’t made a collection update since last December, so today I’d like to show you my new gets as well as a general collection overview!


Let’s start with plushies! These two are Snowskull and Santaskull made by the talented sorjei during her winter commissions. I love them to bits, they are so fluffy and have shiny eyes!

It gets even better! Santaskull's hat is removable! :D

Blastoise and Venusaur pokedolls from Sunyshore! I’m so glad they were finally released! (I was missing a Venusaur in my collection too). I love the designs, Venusaur looks so lazy (the greenish colour looks great) and Blastoise is just cute! :)

Here's the whole Kanto family together!

The tags with the super cute artwork! (I keep all my flats in a binder, so they don't get damaged.)

Now, the figures. I managed to get so many fantastic Duskull figures here! The pokedex figure and the chocoball figures (one of them has a chipped tooth, I felt sorry for him and bought them both) are from caryntjen, the Hasbro figure (the dark one) is from clair2522 and the rest is from rocketdraggin.
I have a question regarding the chocoball figure (the one with the clear base with the red things on it). I’ve read that the bases are supposed to represent the Pokemon’s favorite place or thing. I really can’t figure out what this one is! Any ideas?

The clear Duskull kid! I’ve got this one with a huge help of the wonderful hebilea, who won it on YJ! The pan sticker and the magnet were a surprise! It's my first clear kid and it looks just amazing! :3

Here’s a comparsion with the regular kid. I love how it’s transcluent, looks properly spooky!

The Shuppet and Banette kids are from jekylljuice85. So cute, haven’t seen those much, love how Banette is just sitting there chilling. :D

These are the Halloween themed postcards and a marine bookmark (including a Wartortle) made by ktmonkeyj. They look so great! I love the style and the backgrounds!

Gengar and Blastoise PokeTime bookmarks from growly. I’m so glad I managed to get those, now they match my clearfiles!

The ghost type clearfile from kyedhen1female. I really like the colours and there are all the ghosts together, which is great! :)

These are my commissions from captainangel and some Duskull and Shuppet flats from her massive flats post.

Here's a close-up on the wonderful commissions! Duskull has a shiny eye, Haunter is sticking his tongue out and looks very creepy and Wartortle looks very sassy! :D

And now the whole collection! A giant Haunter (it's the 12 inch one) sits on the top of the cabinet and watches over the rest of the collection. :)

Most of my Duskulls! They are the cutest! <3

Haunters and Gengars. :)

The rest of the ghosts! (And the remaining Duskulls and a Gengar) Also, the bigger turtles. :)

Here's the reptile (mostly Kanto) gang! :D

I also updated my collection site with pictures and info about each item. (I added my non-Pokemon collections there too if you want to take a look.) Also, I’d gladly exchange links if anyone wants! :)

And that’s all! I hope you all have a great time and thanks for looking! <3
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