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Large Collection Update + New Sales!

Huuge package arrived a few days ago. |D There quite a few new items in my shop. Please take a look if interested~! :>

Along with the sales is a big upgrade to my collection. :D

My current Deoxys Speed collection. It is no longer a tiny group of 4 figures now. <3 I love the details on them all...

...especially on the Tomy figure. I really like those figures for some reason.

The clear and the normal.

Clear plastic is so awesome. <3

Phone strap and Zukan.

Two different magnets~

A bag to put all the stuff in and some pins. Ironically the only one missing from Deoxys' forms is Speed.

And here is Registeel. :D Now I have an army of eyes~

Both Tomy figures. The left is the AG version and the right is the DP version.

Normal Kid, keychains, and phone strap.

The movie Zukan and a figure whose origin I'm not sure of. :D; I think the second one is from a similar set as the first.

Bromide cards~ For some reason I'm collecting random things of Kyogre. I'm even starting to like it a lot now. I think I'm going to get a giant plush of it when I can. @_@ Maybe I should start a "proper" collection of it someday~

Tags: collection, registeel, sales
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