mewten (mewten) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some SMJ/Crescent Shop questions

I've been trying to look into both of these, but I'm still confused. I'm kind of leaning towards SMJ for now, I'm more interested in buying smaller items (like under 2,000 yen), and I know both services an additional fee for their service, but I have some questions:
1. Which one has the cheapest price for smaller items, SMJ?
2. If I buy several items from different listings, will I be charged commission for every listing, or is it one charge per the entire payment combined?
3. On some auctions, I see a shipping price listed in the item's description (below the picture), but I don't see any mention of it on other items. Is the shipping cost on those items decided after winning it?
4. If I bid and don't win the item, am I still charged?
5. Do they charge for shipping from their company to you as an extra, extra fee, or is that included with commission?
6. Do I need a credit card to sign up, or can I get away with just using PayPal?
7. Do any of the services charge you for account inactivity/any other fees not regarding auction stuff?

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