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Sales: ACEO Commissions and Predrawns!


ACEO cards! Little trading card sized pieces of art that are a one of a kind, collectable, and small. I’ve recently gotten quite addicted to these as they’re fun to do and are a challenge due to their limited canvas sizing.

Plus, I get to send the original card to you!

Under the cut I actually have some pre-done ACEO pieces available for purchase, but I also would like to offer my services in the form of commissions. There are limited slots, as I work full time, but I would love to draw some Pokemon for people!

General Info:
- All prices are USD.
- All ACEOs are $12.50 including shipping! [confetti and party blowers]
- Sales permission given in 2009 by lineaalba.
- I ship things out once a week. You will be notified when an article has been shipped.
- I ship from Australia.

Predrawn ACEOs for Sale

Fearow - Ready To Ship; $12.50

Starly Pair - Ready To Ship; $12.50

Golbat - Ready To Ship; $12.50

Reuniclus - Ready To Ship; $12.50

Shiny!Swablu - Ready To Ship; $12.50

Commission Rules:
- Pokemon only please.
- Try to limit it to one Pokemon per card; I can squeeze two but it's limiting.
- Please keep in mind these are the exact same size as a Pokemon TCG card; they aren't huge canvases to work on.
- There are 5 slots available.
- Examples available here and above.
- Use the following form when requesting a slot:

Username: [User Name Goes Here]
Pokemon: [Name(s) Goes Here]
Shiny?: [Y/N]
Pose?: [Detail it, or simply say Free For All to trust me on composition]
Special Items?: [Something like a berry, or if they wear a scarf, etc.]
Background Colour?: [If undefined I will use the best choice colour for the work]

Turn around is relatively quick unless my work schedule heats up; you will be shown a sketch before inking and colouring takes place to OK. Payment will not be required until the product is finished upon which I will give you a full scan as well as send you the ACEO physically.

Commission Slots:

Waiting List:

1. kittycollector - ExtreeeEEEEMEESPEED Genesect
2. chickadee115 Jirachi w/ leaf tags
3. zorbo17 - Strong smug Ursaring
4. arcanine5860 - Arcanine
5. floette - Bliss
6. sugarstitch - Feraligatr
7. dragonrider49 - Flygon w/ scarf
8. kitzune - Shiny Partyraami
9. chromapika - Shiny Arbok
10. themessyness - Sleeping Skymin
11. zorbo17 - Shiny Badass Ursaring
12. akihio - Giggling Mismagius
13. chromapika - Shiny!Wheezing
14. purpleghost9 - Happy Shiny!Duskull

Thank you for looking! I also have Pokemon artwork prints, phone covers, and skins for sale up on my Society6 store as well if little ACEOs don't tickle your fancy.
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