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Collection Type-Stuff =)

Hey Everyone.

I'm new here so i thought i would start by Showing you my collection so far.

Warning Very Image Heavy.

My Decks and Games. I also have pokemon Dash, Explorers of Darkness and Puzzle Challenge somewhere.

Some Books Mostly Old ones, but i have some more game guides stored away somewhere.
Also a Pikachu hat that i got about 9 Years ago.

Here are my pokemon Figures and close up of the PokeRoms.

Due to the large amount of Pikachu stuff i photographed them seperate.

My plushies, all old 1999. And some burger king ones too.

My pokedex, mis. cards and some of those disks you could get in crisp packets.

Just a few of my cards from my HUGE collection. I have these plus approx 250 more and 100+ stickers.
And i doubt thast you will want to scroll through all THAT. =)
At present i have decided to start buying the Pokemon Kids as i have none!

Also i am either going to start collecting the Charmander Evo Line or Fossil Pokemon.
I'm Not sure yet.

Over all my collection isnt amazing, however if you spot something that it rare-ish let me know.
I just think its all common stuff that most people will have.
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