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Collection Update with a tiny-tini question

I've been posponing this for too long, so here we are a collection update
so first off i want to show my first zukan! i was kinda scared 'cause i bought it off of ebay, i paid in euro's but it came from taiwan, so i was a little scepicle. but it came here fine and looks great its....

MUK!! and grimer
here's another shot of it

heres some various kids and some buttons, like sew-on shirt buttons, yeah, im totally going to put these on a shirt and wear it.

a delibird kid to go with my delibird plush. and nidorina to go with the Horn family

I now have a complete line of Pory's in kid form, thank you very much pheonixxfoxx

and my newly re-organized wall of cards. changed it up quite a bit now im putting all of my Nidoking and nidoqueen cards and porygon cards in there. i think the only nido card im missing is the skyridge nidoqueen, (i have the nidoking i just dont have room for it in there) and i want to point out what i think is the rarest in there. the Crystal Nidoking card holo. surprisingly got it for way cheap on ebay for what it normaly goes for. perfect condition super excited when i wont this one.

and last but not least. i got some of those mini pokeballs from the mini gasphoon(?) machines and made them into earrings for my girlfriend (sorry for the bad picture my camera phone sucks)
they were really easy to make (after we figured out how)
(shes not a big pokemon fan, but she really likes these things)

and now my question. out of these mini gasphoon(?) machines, i've seen some come with pokemon, my question is does anyone know if ponyta or girafarig were made to go into these machines? if not does any know where i can get really mini ponyta or girafarig? my girlfriends wants to make some earrings out of them. i figured this is the best place to ask.

also if you want a pair of your own pokeball earrings (or any pokemon or plastic thing at all i guess) what we did was heat up by candle (but try to to look at the flame or you wont be able to see where you need to poke it quick enough) a needle, a larger gage one, mark a dot of some sort where you want to poke then poke the heated needle into the plastic but you want to make sure you poke it hard and quick. if the needle cools down too much (and it does quickly) you will get the plastic stuck on the needle (and its a pain to get off, trust me)
do that a couple of times maybe until your about half way through the thing. then heat up some earring metal rod things(i dont know what they are called we bought them at jo-anns fabrics) (they have a small hoop on one end so beads dont fall off then you can bend the other end to wrap around the piece that goes into your ears) so use something to squish the hoop a little. heat it up and push it into the hole as far down as it will go let it cool then we put some super glue into the hole just for extra security (the glue took awhile to dry also). and then place onto ear piece (she did that part im not quit sure how to)

 another easy way to make these is to send the plastic pieces my way and ill make them for you and send them back (i'd probably only charge like a dollar over what it cost to make and send back to you. so it'd be like maybe $5.)

anyway hope you enjoyed my post! I want to thank pheonixxfoxx again for all the stuff i've bought from her!
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