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Whee collection update! :D

Whee so much cute. <3 Click the cut for more! :D

Also I have updated my SALES PAGE! I won't be able to keep up with it after I go back to school on the fifteenth. >_> I have added some things and reduced prices on older things. n_n ADDITIONALLY! I am looking for an Electivire Kid especially right now. (NOT the messed up paint job European one). I would be happy to trade anything in my shop for one and I also have some personal collection items I could trade.  I would consider other Electivire figures too, but I only need one figure for my collection and I would rather it be the kid. n_n

These arrived from Jaxtoys last week! How cute is that Snorlax? :O *pinches cheeks*

These Pogs were from a trade with wolvenillusion! :D Thanks again! :D The Tazo is especially cool. *-*

I finally made it to Burger King to get the only toy I wanted! :D :D And a Shinx card too. n_n

I was gonna use it to store my deck, but after I put sleevies on all the cards it didn't fit anymore. :( *DOH* So now it's full of Pogs/Damage Counters/Etc. :D

I got these from Kef! :D The Pikachu is from the VERY first set of Kids. Mmmmmm oldchu. <333 Nido is booty I think. :o I painted all the white bits myself. xD Well not the eyes.

Back of Chu. 1996! :O

These got here from Keisuro today! :D Thank you so much! I will leave feedback shortly. n_n

Here's a closeup of the cards. I had no idea that Pikachu card even existed! Its so cute! :O Thank you ever so much. <3 (Expect some Mew art in your inbox before I go back to University. ;D)

I now have all the solid Munchlax kids. :3 I have a clear of Laying Down (Attacking! xD) Munchlax. The other clears are of the ones on each end. :D

I finished this guy up last night! :D I was pretty happy with the results. n_n
Tags: darkrai, dratini, munchlax, nidoking, pikachu, snorlax
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