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[My postman came late today//]

But hell was it worth it ....

Shinx doodle! Omgzdsghjd cuuuuute <3

I think I ordered two of these things, skymin moving figure and skymin clear tomy. These were a chance and lucky catch on what turned out to be a very shitty day XDD
The other two were gifts. ... ;__________;! I just sat and squealed at this package when I opened it, the cute! Overwhelming!


Doujin, this is just... aaaaaaaah ;w; it's otp, it's amazing, and it's just eyemeltingly cute all the way through!


The stamp I didn't even remember. I just squeed, and I now have kolink all over the notes and boxes in my room XDDD

Clear plastic you are beaudifullll~ I've been carrying this tomy around all day. I think I have issues ;-;

I pulled open large skymin, and this was THE FIRST thing I did with it. *insert bad exorcist joke* ... My gargoyle does not approve XD


But this faaace, would absol hurt anyone? From Pheonixxfoxx, thankyou hun!! :3

And last of all, full-shelf pictures!!

Can you spot the new additions??


Hoboy I'm tired @_@ and I seriously need a skymin icon... =o=
No skymin collection update, I'm waiting on two Sunyshore orders and a box from Japan, THEN there will be an epic Skymins update :D


This is where my plushes hang out;

I need a better system, really XD;;

I had something useful to saaaay ;A; iforgot *so sleepy*

I have roughly a half to two thirds of people's payments! I know roughly the status and have heard from another half of the remainder of people yet to pay!
This is going very smoothly, and I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone once again, and to the people who keep surprising me with little bits of help in the form of complete visible set lists and kanji ♥ I would be tearing my hair out without you lot :D
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