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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to write a quick intro post. I found this community through heerosferret . she posted i am pretty sure on pokebeach and i followed a link to this community. i clicked the link and got here and i was just so happy! :) i kept reading all of the different posts and i was thinking to myself, "what an awesome looking community!" i couldn't wait to join! i am hoping i can get some great new stuff for my pokemon collection. i love how you all help each other out with your collections and games. i do both. i like to help people with their games if i can. so you will most likely see me replying to those posts:)

as you can see from my user name, i am a big vulpix fan. i don't know what it is about "her" but i made my decision way back when as to which game i was going buy; Red or Blue. i found out she was on Blue and that is the game i bought. i have love her ever since! i was glad to see a fellow collector; shiny_vulpix! you have a nice collection. i am still missing most of what you have!

i am going to post part of my collection, but it is to late right now. i need to get to bed. i might post again tomorrow.

i hope to get to know some of you out there! :)

have a great day/night!
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