Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Collection Updates!

I got an AWESOME package from the ever lovely pheonixxfoxx in yesterday!


FUZZY raichu! (OH man this thing is bigger than expected!! AHhh I love the fuzz so cute) CLLLEEEEAR Houndour Kid! (Look at the card an espeon! how cool??) And Houndour pokeball belt clip!


Ms. Foxx won a lot auction for this whole set of poke kids new unopened (from that far back thats a rare grab!) Well I resereved the houndour from her set, and when she opened them informed me that he was a clear! How cool is that, I didnt even know they did clears that far back :D


Houndour used...GLARE...its...not very effective :C


And all my new guys in their new settings :3

Anywho quickie update. Must be off to work soon. She also included a super cute drawing of houndour, unfortuantly I forgot to photo it cuz I suck :<

But as always thanks so much foxx! You are an amazing help with this community!! Lovely as always!


Anyone who is looking for 216handsbound I wanted to let you all know she has just moved, and doesn't have internet up yet. It probably shouldn't be more than a week. She asked me to mention in specific, seel-trainer. So please keep that in mind ^^; if you need to contact her sooner than that, leave me a PM I'll pass it along to her.
Tags: collection, houndour, raichu
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