fleur delacour (shesatiger) wrote in pkmncollectors,
fleur delacour

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, but I haven't had the time =/
Anyway, I bought a zukan lot a while ago and only wanted one, so the rest are here up for sale along with some plushes and other things.

So take a looksie!

sorry the pictures are blurry! i tried to make them bigger!

I'll pretty much sell to anyone unless I have a good reason not to (like you at my cookies).
Shipping will be calculated by zip code of course.
I'm really, really reluctant to sell outside the US because I just hate filling out custom forms, but if you're out of the US and really really want something, then I suppose....but otherwise, I probably won't. Sorry for that.
I will accept paypal and other forms.

Zukans- All New in package!!
All are $7

Plushes! All in excellent condition.

Charizard is $5
Mew and Pikachu- $3 (Sorry about the hair on Pikachu! I dye my hair too much and it sometimes falls out!)
Treeko is $8


I don't know much about this playset, and it only has Charmander in it, but I would like $3 or so for it.

Also, I have a Leafeon kids figure still in it's box but missing it's candy for $5

Kay, that's all, thanks for looking.

Ps- trainer_irene, I got Lugia today! He is wonderful!
Ps2- Has anyone heard from soddymothdust? I have been trying to get ahold of them about something I wanted to buy.
Ps3- regen...just comment about your zukan!
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