Aonik (aonik) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hi! I'm new here (but I really joined the community a few weeks ago) and I was pulled here in a way or another by my friend rocketharuka <3 and I hope I can make new friends on here and get some interesting items. Oh, I forgot to say, I'm Aonik, maybe some of you know me from dA... maybe not!
Ok now... I havent' got a BIG collection of anything yet (just some items) but I'm mainly looking for stuff of my favourite Pokémons: Mew, Lucario (I love these guys as much as Haru does XD), Kyogre, Larvitar,Lugia and Ho-Oh. Also Treecko, Taillow line and a big etc, puff.. and I'm a plushie geek, I love Pokedolls the most! I hope one of these days I can do a wantlist.

Hmm..  well, and I think that's all. See you guys, have a nice day! ^^
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