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Anime Boston and Pokedoll gets!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying their summer.

In the mantime, here's all the stuff I have accumulated for this collection update that I'd like to share today!

Let's start with the Anime Boston gets. it was the first time I've ever been to a convention. I went with my crazy rainbow haired cousin and my boyfriend. I dressed up as a Beheeyem... for the most part. I couldn't find my brown pants. Well we went past several sellers booths and i saw several stuff that caught my eye... This was my haul.

But these were my gets. a pichu/pikachu/raichu pic from a DA artist. a couple of mangas (ignore em) Herdier MPC, Takara Tomy Flareon, a pikachu bell dongle (it jingles!), and I love Eevee DX Vaporeon plush. I was surpised to see the vaporeon for sale there. They also had flareon, eevee, jolteon, espeon, and umbreon of the same line, but i never saw glaceon and leafeon. Hmm.

Softest Vaporeon ever <3 I love her so much. I'm very tempted to let the tail loose so she can have it free. I have a thing against vaporeon plush with their tail tacked into their bodies.

Takara Tomy Flareon. This booth had eeveelutions for sale <3 though i didn't touch their PC eeveelutions because they looked like bootlegs. They were missing noses and stuff, but their TT stuff seemed legit. I picked flareon because I loved the design of the plush, and also it's vibrant colors. yes... vibrant <3

Herdier MPC. I've wanted to get one for a while, because I've been drawing herdiers for my pokemon webcomic that features one.

Pikachu bell dongle. i'm debating where to have it hung to.

My cousin LK gave me his badges that he got from the convention last year as an early graduation present <3 I love them.

Next up my pokedoll gets!

Alteria pokedoll was from SMJ. I won her at a good price too XD She's the 2003 jp version. Blaziken pokedoll is the 2004 jp version. i admit I perfer this version over the ameican one. They colors seem to be more brighter and vibrant.

I've hunted Blaziken for 3 years, since he was the last one to complete my starter collection, and now it's complete! I saw one for sale at kriscarmi's sales post and got him on the spot <33 Hoenn region is happy!

Oh and let's not forget back shots:

Now my previous packages from Sunyshore!

Blaztoise, genosect, and venusaur pokedolls.

all rotom formes together! My favorite is the fan rotom.


This guy. Just this guy. I love him the most out of the starters, which is odd because i thought i'd like venusaur more. I love how lazy he is. Just look at his lazy butt.

I namd him Pizwat.

Cause it means good for nothing.


moving on.

Venusaur is flat as a pancake. I'm just a tad disappointed with his design, since I always imagined Venusaurs flowers to be made of minky and droop down on his back, but nope, it's just hard felt. I do like how flat he is. he reminds me of the slowpoke pokedoll.

Golden fish <3 I couldn't resist!

My goldfish Zippy however wasn't too fond of him. It's odd cause she swam with fish that were bigger then the karp. XD; Don't worry I didn't scare her. As soon as she was uncomfortable, I kept the karp away.

Now for other gets!

Deoxys pokedolls and eeveelution ippai figured from poliwhirl's pickups several months ago. I couldn't resist the eeeveelution figures, since i saw how detailed they were.



Igglybuff pokedoll from ebay. I had several people link me on DA and Tumblr <33 thanks y'all! I won her at the starting bid.

dark_tyranitar linked me to this small lot on SMJ and I won it <3 I love how Budew is like a grapefruit. Sleepy pikachu was a bit heavy then I was expecting, and piplup pokedoll is my 2nd one. Any you guys are right, detailed for such a small plush:

those little buds.

He also offered me the Wooper pokedoll and I bought him. I can't believe I didn't get this guy sooner.

Female pikachu plush from a GA (I frogot whom the GA was hosted by ;_; I apologize) She was a secret want for a while.

She fits right in with the other pikas. :3

Dragonite and Snover pokedolls from lugidog. Dragonite is so cute and chubby.

For Snover I have winter decoration plans with him ;3

Well that concluses this collection update. Here have a lazy genosect!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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