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Huge Giratina Updates With Tons of Pictures!
Separated with cuts for convenience. ;D

My collection site has been updated with everything from this post. ^_^

After wanting to get a zipper to finish this but being unable to because of the only two nearby fabric stores closing, I was losing motivation to finish this. Then I finally got a chance and we went to the Crossroads Mall which happened to have a Jo-Ann’s fabric store. I found the perfect zipper there. ^_^
My mom was the one who sewed the zipper and pouch together though, as it seems like her sewing machine hates me. It normally jams when I want to use it to sew two pieces of fleece together. Then when mom is sewing three pieces it doesn’t jam once. :| Anyways, this was the end result of a collaboration of sorts:

1- Funnel Cake side with a :/ type expression and the metal charm from Gin
2- Malaria side
3- The zipper
4- This hold my DS, and at least five DS games if one is in the DS itself as well as about six GBA games
5- I took out the GBA games to show off the DS game pockets
6- Everything I had crammed in there, I only have four DS games at the moment and one was inside the DS so that’s why there’s only three there

I wanted to take Funnel Cake with me to my 4-H meeting in Tacoma on July 22nd, so I packed him along with the camera and we left.

Malaria: Byeeeee! Have fun!
Funnel Cake: It’s away from you, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

In the car I never actually pulled him out. I meant to, while we were stuck in rush hour traffic and also when we passed the Tacoma Dome. But I didn’t. ^-^;;;;;
Then I was nervous about pulling him out during the meeting because of my friend’s younger sister being there and I didn’t want a kid who is notorious for treating things pretty badly touching my Funnel Cake. :< So I pulled him out for a minute and showed him to my friend, she loved how soft he was.
After the meeting was over we went to get some dinner and I left my bag in the car since there was no other reason to bring it inside. And after dinner mom made me drive home, so I could take any photos then either. XD
Funnel Cake wasn’t too pleased about that.

Funnel Cake: Amber. You. SUCK. I was crammed in that damn bag for five hours and you only let me out for less than a minute! I would’ve rather spent that time with Malaria! You FAIL at photostories! Oh. And the batteries in your Mp3 player are running out.

I’m new to Sculpey and sculpting in general. Very new, this is the first time I have used it and the second or third time I’ve seriously tried to make something with clay. Usually it was some nasty cheap clay that doesn’t harden or sculpt well and I didn’t have much artistic abilities back when I tried last time. XD So I started this one pretty nervously. I found that after getting the general shape and getting all the legs on it was pretty fun to make. :D This one is completely made from Sculpey clay mainly because I don’t have paints and I personally think things look cuter when they’re smoother and more cartoony like this. XD

This one ended up being not so much fun… :< I had liked the face originally, then while I was struggling to keep all of the wings and the gold on the neck from falling off, I must have moved it down and you can see the gray. D8
It’s still cute, in a retarded puppy kind of way… It has its own charm I suppose, I actually like how it’s just sprawled everywhere with the wings hanging down. :D

They’re both way more yellow in person, that's just the color sucking flash that likes to ruin my photos. :D

Funnel Cake: How the hell do you fit all this stuff into one car?
Amber: It's a big car... >.>

Funnel Cake: I’ll likely injure you if this one doesn’t win at least a blue.

Funnel Cake: And I’ll hurt you even more if you forget to take us out of this bag.
Malaria: Yaaaay! Roadtrip! 8D

Amber: FERTSFERTSFERST ~<3 (There’s two curled up together)

We are a Pocket Pets group. :>

Meet Wally Wallet the Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor happily curled around her owner’s neck. ^_^ (This picture is more relevant to this post than the ferrets are. XD)

Malaria: Heeeeey! This things moving! Amber, Amber! Can I see what’s inside? 8D
Amber: Maybe later.

Wally: *tries to slither out of owner’s lap*

Wally: Oooh, what’s in-
Wally: *is pulled away by owner*

The judges LOVED my bell plush. Thought they were adorable and one went all: “:O They’re jingly! :D”

My artwork on display with the other art entries. :3
Amber: Funnel Cake doesn’t have to kill me now. :D

Malaria: Yaaay! Hugs!

Everything except the Origin Form painting won a blue ribbon. ^_^ (Pinhead even got Reserve Grand Champion 8D)

Funnel Cake: Clearly Amber loves me more, otherwise she might not have half-assed your background. >:3
Malaria: I don’t really care, I like the color red more than blue anyways. X3 But I thought she said it only looks like that because of “crappy paint and tiny paintbrushes on a giant 12x18 inch paper”?

So... A few weeks ago I was browsing Y!J when I came across an auction for the Giratina Origin Form Lotto plush after lineaalba found a Skymin one. I bookmarked it and linked it in the chat. One person offered to bid on it for me since I didn't have a middleman service. :3 She placed the opening bid, mainly to block out anyone who might try to bid using Crescent Shop.

I stalked the auction all day for the duration of the auction. And became nervous when someone else bid with about 13 hours to go. We talked and set up a bid and she said she'd bid in the morning since she'd be up.

I ended up staying up late, mainly because that's normal for me, and had set my alarm for 7:40am so I could wake up before it ended in case she needed to talk to me. But I kept waking up early and got up at 7:20 instead. I opened the auction first as AIM was logging me into the chat and was dismayed to find it had almost reached my original max bid. As I signed on it seems they were already talking about it. XD

AmberTheDD (7:22:41 AM): ;A;
Kefanii (7:22:47 AM): THERE you are ;;
rem rom child (7:22:49 AM): hiiii
TimeToRegen (7:22:51 AM): Speak of the devil

I had been thinking about how high it might go the night before and decided to up my max bid. But before she could place it, (in the last ten minutes) the bidding jumped up to 4750yen and I decided "Damn, I didn't think I'd get it" so then I shrugged it off and left to go eat. I hadn’t been too optimistic as it was a first place lottery prize.
But when I came back I had missed some conversation:

Kefanii (8:02:35 AM): lol guys i bid just to see if anyone else would, it doesn't look like they're going to
Kefanii (8:02:45 AM): *whistles*
Kefanii (8:02:53 AM): haha amber is getting EARLY CHRISTMAS, i guess
nefhithiel (8:03:06 AM): i was wondering why crescent shop was the high bidder again xD
Kefanii (8:03:12 AM): i loathe losing auctions
Lissie LOL (8:03:14 AM): awww thats so nice
Kefanii (8:03:14 AM): *fistshakes*
Kefanii (8:03:57 AM): if she doesn't want it i'll keep it <<
Kefanii (8:04:04 AM): it... it's grown on me ;A;
Kefanii (8:04:14 AM): and i'm a whore for giant plushies
Kefanii (8:05:58 AM): yay somebody tell amber merry christmas in july
Kefanii (8:05:59 AM): xD
Lissie LOL (8:06:09 AM): yaaaaay!!!
Kefanii (8:06:15 AM): she picked a good time to get food haha
Lissie LOL (8:06:39 AM): shhh lets bump this up
Kefanii (8:06:49 AM): xD
nefhithiel (8:06:57 AM): i like munchies
nefhithiel (8:07:00 AM): how about you
nefhithiel (8:07:02 AM): ?
Kefanii (8:07:04 AM): haha well i was going to ask if she'd pay her high bid :p

I might've skimmed over this, but I have a large monitor and my chat window it pretty large, so the entire conversation was on the page when I got back. XD (And my birthday is in August so… XD)

AmberTheDD (8:14:33 AM): Kef did you win?
AmberTheDD (8:14:34 AM): XD
Kefanii (8:14:36 AM): y-yes
Kefanii (8:14:37 AM): xD
AmberTheDD (8:14:42 AM): XDDDDD
Kefanii (8:14:47 AM): I AM A BAD LOSER
Kefanii (8:14:52 AM): a-anyway
AmberTheDD (8:14:52 AM): I read
kir3inakanjou (8:15:17 AM): what did she send you
Kefanii (8:15:27 AM): like i said, i don't mind paying the difference :p eez a geeft

So I pretty much owe kefanii a lot right now... :X I had already drawn a picture for her, just as a thank you because she was willing to bid on the plush for me. XD

And the auction in question?

It has the cutest puffy wings with a tail that sticks up. X3 I think the puffy wings are what really made me want this plush. XD

Cute face too! 8D

This all leads up to this:

Funnel Cake: I will end you and all you love for buying this. >B|

Malaria: 8D! I wanna see! Let him out! Let him out!
???: Mpfh!
Funnel Cake: Can’t we leave him in there? Return to the seller maybe?

The Plague: Um…
Funnel Cake: …
Malaria: Hiiiiii! Oooh, what’s that on your head? 8D

The Plague: It’s a rat… I… I like rats.
Funnel Cake: I’m not going to speak to you. EVER.
Samara: Help me….

Malaria: I hope you like it up there new friend! 8D
The Plague: There’s no rats up here. ;A;
Funnel Cake: Stupid moronic diseases…

For frugrow The Plague next to my soda of choice. ;D He’s smaller than anticipated. 10 inches tall and 15 inches long. But he’s still plenty huggable with his puffy wings anyways. ^_^


The Plague: *glee* 8D

(Free to use for whoever wants it. The chat told me to make it, so I did)
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