Raine/Neidus Bluetip (bluetip_echelon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Raine/Neidus Bluetip

Sales Post Update + Giratina Zukan Auction!

Hey guys, i posted this up last week but due to one of my pets dying recently i've been a bit backed up with stuff and out of it in general.

I'm going to leave my Giratina zukan auction going until this Friday evening plus my little sales post still going on at the link below.


sora_no_kokoro : high bidder $10 on Giratina zukan auction!

badgerr_ftw, i messaged you back and never heard anything so if you could lemme know any info that'd be great...thank you ^-^ Gotcha, thanks!

myc Gotcha too...thanks! heenz just get back to me whenever you can...no rush :3

Thanks guys ^-^
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