Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

epic wins!
i've won these/bought these over the past few weeks, but decided today was the time for a post of epic, one of a kind.....RAICHUS!!

none of these have arrived/will arrive before i leave for america, so i'll take their "actual" pics when i get back in september ;D

first epic win... raichu meiji promo, art by ken sugimori, signed by ken sugimori. in short... a raichu drawing drawn and signed by the creator of raichu. wow! i'm usually not big on signatures, but this was impossible to pass up. caught up in a bid war, but now, it is mine! :D who else has an autographed poke-related thing?

more cel sketches from "electric shock showdown"! i dunno how these bitches got loose but i've got a bundle of them now. happiness! yes, these are the REAL drawings by the real animators which then became the cels in the anime. this bundle actually has 7 in it - the entire sequence of lt. surge leaning down and patting raichu - but i wont know for sure until i get them in a week :D

and last but not least! in order to combat the lion pride, i am switching my custom-plush budget over to...raichus! but as they already have so many wonderful official plush, i want original plush of raichu that have never and will never be made. like... lt. surge's raichu, or a raicube, or a crocheted raichu, or even... sleeping raichu, and shiny raichu!

the first batch!

moar to come! but later;;; right now the paypal needs to cool down.
Tags: cards, custom, plush, raichu
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