Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokébox eeveelution charms back in stock + karp bank

No much to say, everything is in the title ^^
So it's just to let you know since a lot of members like these charms and sometimes miss ones which were sold out.
Of course I bought the full set ^^
Here is his shop :

So, to put colors on this post I add pictures of the Magikarp piggybank I received few days ago.
I love it <3 Really nice made with a real "Gold" Magikarp for once lol

I also received magnets from bluehyaku
Genesect because he is shiny and I like those two poses.
Mewtwo because I love his pose. And even if he's not shiny, his outline has his shiny color ^^

I also updated my website with some showcases pictures : bandeau

Have a good day o/
Tags: eevee, genesect, magikarp, mewtwo

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