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Collection Update~

As promised, my collection update from my Japan trip and gettings. I started going through stuff and just kept seeing stuff that I thought would be going into my sales post, so I decided to just include the items that I could easily group together in photos.

First, food! This doesn't include all of the Pokemon pan (most of which I've already eaten) but does show most of the cookies.
From left to right: Rice Cracker tin (Origin forme on the other side), Pan sticker holder booklet, Shaymin wafer set, Almond cookies, and another set of the Shaymin wafers. The cookies have special (randomly packaged) can badges in them, and I had to buy 8 bags before I got the Dialga one. Most of the rest will be up for sale!

The pan sticker (Decochara seal) holder has really cool art, so let's look at it some more!

Hot Zero pose~

More neat art on the back. Aha, a cameo!

Not all of the Giratina things I found, but the handful I plan to keep. The 2 can badges on the left are from the movie promotion, and the bagged one is from the cookie set above. The TOMY is actually the clear, and I intended to buy the non-clear - but I'm not worried, I'm sure it's rarer anyway ^_^;

Close on the badges =)

This is the small washcloth, but they also have this in a few other sizes/shapes. I love this design! I got the big bath towel too, but it got lost on my flight (don't ask how) but Gin has kindly offered to get me a replacement. Yay thank you! <3

The Giratina 7-11 bowl. I can't get over how awesome these bowls are! I played the 711 lottery a total of 15 times and got 2 Dialga bowls and 2 Giratina bowls, in addition to a bunch of other stuff. The extra Giratina bowl will be up for sale, although I'm going to have to pack it really carefully ^_^;

And PLUSHIES! I bought almost all of the Pokedolls at the Center I didn't have already, even Lickilicky ^_^;

The jumbo Shinx is the first (and only) Pokemon plush I caught myself in a UFO catcher! *proud* Even if it was a really easy one...

This guy I didn't actually get in Japan, but he was waiting for me when I returned. For those that didn't see her original post, this is a custom plush commissioned from juumou. ^_^

Close up on the Skymin family! The big Tomy is my favorite. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the 2 smaller ones, but I felt like I had to get them~ And oops, I forgot to include Squirmin in here, because he's sitting on my computer desk glaring at me.

A few more Pokedolls, that I overlooked while taking the first picture.

This squeezy Palkia was a request. You know who you are - if you want him, come and claim him! ;-)

I also started 2 small collections recently....

I picked up the stamp, cloth, and sticker/magnet set in Japan. I suck at collecting her, I am missing the Kid and Chou Get! But I'm excited for the new plush coming out in a few months.

I'd been thinking about training one of these, and had bought the Tomy from Sunyshore...then I got the Keshipoke in one of the few of those I bought, and the Chupa Chups figure in the even fewer of those that I bought. It seemed that Gliscor wanted to be with me, and I also was able to get his Zukan directly from the gashapon machine. I'm not sure how hard I'll collect him, but I'm holding on to the stickers and magnets of him that I received. <3

And definitely not least, I have tons of new Dialga! Go look at Dialga FTW to see them!

There is so much more from the trip that I can't even begin to list, but you'll have to wait for my sales post to see more of that. ;)

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