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collection post, lots of pictures!

Yeah, anyone with slow connections will probably want to avoid this post, I kiiiind of got carried away ._.
I realised that I hadn't posted a collection update in a while, so I decided to..er.. take photos of..erm.. everything XD Like I said, if you have a slow connection, be warned! ;-;

My chuuuus, I started collecting Pika like, over 10 years ago when Pokemon was first released over here XD

zuuuukan! yeah I don't have many I know XD but still, i love the ones i have =3

PIIIIPLUUUUUP! <3 Oki the new additions here the Empoleon kid (big kid 0.0), HappyLup (both from my boyfriend for my birthday =D), the adoooooorable Piplup keychain with changing face <3 <3 which is from randomflavour I looooves it! thankyou so much =3 and the Pika cup that has sneaked into the picture XD Oh and the Piplup pan sticker on my DS is also new =3

The Manaphy card case and kid that you can just about see there are also new and are from kefanii =D thankyoou Kef! they're so cute!! <3 <3

A better look at Manaphys there =D And look at the uber cute Piplup Pokemon centre bag! <3 <3 thankyou gin! =D

All of my Pokekids XD (except for the Piplups and Manaphy) you can just about see my new Shaymin kid beside my pokedoll =3 thankyou again gin! =D

Plushiiiiiiiies! XD The only new addition here is Blastoise which I think you can just about see at the back beside Butterfree XD and yeah, I know Mudkip's missing ;-; I still haven't found one to go with Treecko and Torchic =(

And this was purely to get a better look at my shaymin XD Lol

Aaaand we're done =P ... for now =o XD

Thanks for looking if you did =D & I am sorry for killing your connection XD
oh and to castform, I'll be posting Honchkrow for you tomorrow or friday, I'm ill atm but I'll try to get to the post office as soon as I feel a little better =3 don't worry, he'll be with you asap though =D

I'm also still expecting a few parcels, so I'll post when they arrive ^^
Tags: collection, manaphy, pikachu, piplup, shaymin, zukan
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