Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Collection update! (finally) +sales

So, everyone in the chat pretty much knows how excited I've been for these... and guess what showed up at my door just 20 mintues ago!

Also, I was totally going to do a photostory, but was far too excited. Oops.

My battle museum figure set!

Why am I so excited?
These things are kinda hard to find. Most Battle Museum sets are like that, actually.

What does this mean for me? ONE. FIGURE. LEFT.
That I know of, I only have ONE MORE DUNSPARCE ITEM to obtain. The TOMY.
However, this in itself is going to prove quite difficult, seeing as the TOMY has become a grail of sorts... too many bootlegs x.x

BUT, seeing as the set was, indeed, a set, I have the leftovers up for sale:
Lugia and Ho-Oh are $5 each
The rest are $3 each

Typical sales stuff applies (Paypal only, no holding, etc)

I will combine with things in these posts:
Shameless plug 1
Shameless plug 2

But yeah. Eeeeeeeee, now on a hunt for a non-bootleg Dunsparce TOMY. x____X
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