Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

Transparent Figures Group Auction Update- they're here!

I had a group auction going for the new clear Tomy figures (Shaymin, Giratina & Regigigas):

Well the new transparent figures are here in very good time, and to all those who reserved that wondered if they were BNIB yes they are (I am sorry for the crappy camera quality):

Holds were for:
Girantia: regen
Shaymin Land: grrrowly  meowthcollector
Regiagias: olesvenson 
And I kept the Skye version for myself :3

If you still want these please send $10.20 via Paypal to killerjaw01 (at) gmail (dot) com 
If not please let me know...
PS I can only ship Friday this week- I am on a long weekend on Saturday and will not be back until Thursday next week.

PPS I have made a small update to my sales post with new stickers, a plush & reductions on some of the items still in there:

Tags: giratina, regigigas, shaymin
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