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Presenting A Story Starring Kibbles

Also my long awaited Dratini collection update! :D :D And a SUPA COOL Munchlax thing. :3

THE END! Poor Kibbles. :( He is my intellectual baby! :D

So this was all from a trade with Gin! :D Munchlax is a magnet. I will have the coolest fridge ever! That Piplup sticker is too cute, I love it. <3 I need to think of a place to stick it though since the paper bit is somewhat greasy. I wonder where a good place would be! :D

Lucario Pan is really good. For those of you who have had Piplup's Sweet Cream pan, the filling is similar but the bread part tastes different. This one is very much like a gourmet hot dog roll! :D Maybe a little butterier than a hot dog roll. Super good. <3 Thanks Gin! :D :D

Here is a close up of the AMAZING Masked Lax. He is so mysterious. <3333333

These came from warandromance today! The zukan like thing is pretty much the coolest thing ever, moar pics to follow. Tiny Munch is from a playset and the bigger one is a booty type thing... it's like one of those big plastic candy canes full of Hershey Kisses you can get at Christmas time. Like a topper from a tube of candy is what I'm trying to say. |D One more thing was in there, but I picture it later. :3

A closeup! :D Sooooo cute! :D

The little trashcan even opens. <3333333

It doesn't say 1/40 scale anywhere on it, but it looks to be the same size as my Zukan Munchie! :D

My Dratinis! :D New arrivals I was waiting on to make this post are the lighter colored Keshipoke from warandromance and the KFC Beanie from a trade with Rukarioh. I have 4/5 official Dratini plushies! :D :D And 3 customs I made myself. n_n The figures are the old school kid, TOMY, two Keshis and a green one.

Dratini Stickers! :D

And my Dratini cards. :3

Rukarioh included this cute sketch! :D Thanks! :D
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