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This was a long time in the making.

That's because I just recieved the last of my items from my lastest mini-online shopping spree! I was waiting for them all to come in because I wanted to tell everyone that I got everything and that I enjoyed dealing with all of you! I left you all feedback if you have threads. I'll keep an eye out for your feedback threads if you don't have them. You should all do the same for me, since I should be getting one soon since I requested one.

Anyways, this entry is dedicated to one of my quickly growing collections. This one has a funny story. I originally started with one bell plush that I won in an auction in March or April (I forget, to be honest), but from that point on, I couldn't find any other merchandise of it on eBay or this community. But as of late, a lot of merch of this Pokemon has popped up, particularly in an auction that [info]juumou held on eBay (incidentally, I thought that the lot was purchased by someone in this comm for a while! But boy, was I wrong...) So anyways, I won the lot, and around a month after my birthday of June 10th, I got an additional $50 to spend anywhere I wanted aside from my eBay gift card in that same amount. And so an e-shopping spree was born! I obtained even more items of that Poke (and others, but that's for another day) with that money from this community.

   It's Dragonair! Here's a picture of my collection so far!
Photobucket for a dissection... The bell plush and the tan chibified package art is from heerosferret, the BK plush, the cartridge, the Stak magnet, the Full Color Stadium, the gashapons in the white box, the stamper, and the TOMY MC are from [info]juumou, the clip on the bell plush's string and the biggest package art is from pheonixxfoxx, the bell keychain, the postcard, and the painted package art are all from kefanii, and the Amada sticker, the Water-type and Dragonair sticker sheet, the card, and the Menko tablet are from regen. Thanks to you all, everything has boosted my collection big time and I can actually call it a "collection" now! I'll always frown upon it though until I can get the zukan, but that's probably not happening anytime soon because it's very popular for some reason (and not to mention expensive)! Whenever it pops up here, someone else with more money gets it...

And I have a little story about the items from kefanii. As you can tell, the postcard has a cut of sorts in it, and is painted over. This is because when I got the package, I (idiotically) cut across the top of the package, now knowing the postcard was right there! I taped the cut postcard up from the back, and originally only decided to paint over the torn parts, but when I couldn't get the right colors, I decided to paint over the whole thing to make it look better. I'm quite pleased with the results, personally.

Oh, and Ivysaur's only in the picture because he's my bracelet holder. This is where I keep my jewelry by the way, as you can notice some jewelry boxes in the picture with various necklaces lazily draped over them.

[info]sakura_18_, would you like me to cover the cost of the shipping of that freebie Phione sticker that I recieved today? Or is it such a small amount that it doesn't matter?

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