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holy crap this is a big post

Epic package has landed, IT'S GO TIME!

If you are on this list you owe me money for shipping items! Your items will not be shipped until you pay me mm'kay.

sonicelectronic: $4 for Shaymin little plush and Shaymin keychain
rocketdraggin: $4 for Giratina keychain and Giratina bowl
eknock: $3 for Dialga bowl
yaoi_queen: $2.50 for Pikachu neck bag

Everyone else is set with payments. faiarrow, sui_kune, trainer_irene, ambertdd, and shesatiger, (including your items from my last sales post!), all your items should be out soon-- tomorrow, I hope. :> Anyone else who pays tonight, I'll do my best to get your stuff out soon!

A few notes about the sales before I pass out: some people who reserved kids in chat still owe me, you know who you are~ Annnnd, those two Clefable stamps I reserved for the Clefairy collector are in here! :3

Items still available in this photo, all items are $11:
- 2 Pikachu head plush
- 1 Pikachu neck pouch
- 1 Pikachu dessert bowl
- 1 Pikachu keychain
- 1 Skymin head plush
- 1 Shaymin Keychain
- 1 Dialga dessert bowl

And the nicely wrapped up Mareep is up for auction! Here's a picture of it without wrapping for references, this is from Gin's collection. It's the largest Mareep there, the UFO catcher!

Starting bid: $15
Current high bid: $18, iammyworld

And here's another auction!

Skymin arm clinger wants to cling to your arm. I have another one coming in the mail, so this little guy will go to whoever wins him. Put him on my wrist for size reference, then back in his bag, he's nice and clean and in mint condition.

Starting bid: $15
Current high bid: $26, shootthetanks


Now, the rest of the items for sale.

Kids kids kids:

The kids in this picture are in loved, paint-rubbed, marked up condition. I plan on cleaning them before sending but I can't do anything about paint rubs. Two dollars each!

Taken kids: Starmie, Ho-oh, Sunflora, Porygon-2, Gligar, Ariados, Raikou, Scyther, Bulbasaur
Free figures: Heracross, Charizard, and Hoppip, ask for one with your order. :3

These kids are in better condition! Most are $3, Celebi and Mew are $4.

Taken kids: Skarmory, Typhlosion, Slowbro, Absol, Sharpedo, Blissey, Lugia, Quilava, Squirtle

Glaceon in box, opened, no candy: $7 (and no I'm not the one who opened them XD)
Lickilicky in box: $3
Clear Starmie: Taken!

And now, the miscellaneous junk:

Clefairy, Pikachu, Jigglypuff hand warmer: $2
Large metal Togepi badge: $3
Diamond and Pearl card guide: $3
Flat cards of Golbat, Raichu, Kyogre, and Hoot-hoot: $1
Booklet w/ full color ads for all the recent Pokemon games: $3

Charmander and Squirtle banks: $2 each (about twice the size of kids)
Bonsly Battle Museum figure: $1

Tiny porcelain Treecko mug, closed-eye Pikachu, Pichu ...pokey thing, Marril stamp (missing a dot of paint on his forehead), metal Marril charm, Mudkip charm, psychadelic Celebi coin: 50 cents each

Bound balls! Chansey, Poliwhirl, Mew, and master ball available, $2.50 each.

Sticker sheets! Available for $2 by elements. Flying, Water, Fire, Electric, Grass, and Steel.

A Cyndaquil lovers dream... this is a sticker book where Ash chases Cynda all over the place. The kid who owned the book before actually stuck the stickers in most of the right places and didn't mess it up. It's really quite awesome. Lots of Team Rocket in it too! Here are more pages!

Will be a bit more expensive to ship, $7 for this book! It has about 10 full color hardcover pages. :]

Togepi charm, small: $1, Togepi charm, large: $2, Weepinbell charm: $1, Muk charm: $1

All stamps: $2, taken: Raichu, Clefable x2

I actually have more stuff to sell... but that's good enough for now, whew.

- Will ship internationally
- Paypal is highly preferred, will accept money orders
- Shipping fee includes a small paypal fee
- Will hold items for up to 3 days
Tags: celebi, charmander, clefable, cyndaquil, marill, mewtwo, mudkip, raichu, sales, squirtle, togepi, weepinbell
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