baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

holy crap this is a big post

Epic package has landed, IT'S GO TIME!

If you are on this list you owe me money for shipping items! Your items will not be shipped until you pay me mm'kay.

sonicelectronic: $4 for Shaymin little plush and Shaymin keychain
rocketdraggin: $4 for Giratina keychain and Giratina bowl
eknock: $3 for Dialga bowl
yaoi_queen: $2.50 for Pikachu neck bag

Everyone else is set with payments. faiarrow, sui_kune, trainer_irene, ambertdd, and shesatiger, (including your items from my last sales post!), all your items should be out soon-- tomorrow, I hope. :> Anyone else who pays tonight, I'll do my best to get your stuff out soon!

A few notes about the sales before I pass out: some people who reserved kids in chat still owe me, you know who you are~ Annnnd, those two Clefable stamps I reserved for the Clefairy collector are in here! :3

so now there's a huge sales post underneath hereCollapse )
Tags: celebi, charmander, clefable, cyndaquil, marill, mewtwo, mudkip, raichu, sales, squirtle, togepi, weepinbell
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