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Looking for Pokédolls! + commish status

Looking for Pokédolls!

(actually the UFO plush, lolz)

I am keeping an eye out for these on ebay! Posted here because I am hoping to avoid paying an arm and a leg... although I suppose just one or the other would be acceptable.

No promises to purchase just yet, I am just hoping to scope out possibilities at this point. If we do decide on anything, I can offer paypal and/or sculpture commissions as payment.

Even if someone could point me in the direction of these items, that'd be super. 8D

Before anyone asks, tho, I'm not taking commissions right now! I can offer them as a form of payment, but if I go ahead and open myself to commissions right now I'm gonna get overloaded. ;_; I'm really sorry, but I have to finish what I have going here first, and a huge summer homework assignment is already slowing their progress.

Commission stuff:

kefanii, have you received your Sandshrew sculpture yet? Just curious, but if not it should get to you soon. ^_^

Still to come:
-Pikachu for yaoi_queen
-Umbreon for firebrand164
-Another 'floon keychain for fleurdetragedie
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