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figure sales + quick auction

Hellooo collectors! I have a bunch of neat figures up for straight sale along with a few short auctions :D My main sales post is a bit of a mess right now but you're welcome to combine anything from it with the below sales!

Actually real quick before the sales - does anyone know what these Pikas are from? They both have such cute unique poses but unfortunately they've lost their tails :C So cute though!! I'm guessing pearlychu is one of those pearly tomys but I have no idea what fightchu is. What a cool dude!

Check out my main sales post for sales policies and such! I ship from the US and I'm happy to ship anywhere! International things may take up to a week or two to be sent though since I don't have a ride to the post office and it's hot outside.

I'm totally open to haggling, so feel free to make an offer :D

Auctions! I'll end these on Wednesday, June 26th at 7 PM EST.
Wow look how cute these guys are!! Super cute is how cute. Fairly good condition overall, may have minor marks. Feraligatr has paint scratched off his head fin and eyebrow ridge, and Mew has a weird paint mark/scratch on one ear, not sure if it'll scrape off. Here are the backs!

Ditto and Zigzagoon start at $3 each!
Feraligatr and Mew start at $4 each!

Aaand sales! NOTE: A lot of these items may have small/minor marks. They've passed my quick once-over inspection for condition that I'm okay with, but you might not be! Ask about the condition of specific figures if that's important!

$1 Happiny (some marks on back), Manaphy (no base)
$2 Bulbasaur, Torchic bobbleheads (Torchic isn't as bobbly as the others), Seviper (looks like it's missing the keychain part)
$3 Pichu, Minun bobbleheads, Magmortar zukan piece(?)
$5 Weezing zukan piece, Vulpix tomy keychain (light scratches+wear, no keychain)
$7 Vulpix in-case figure

All are $2 except Pinsir and Wynaut who are $1.
Sold: Shedinja, Blaziken, Chikorita

All are $1 except:
$2 Meowth, Giratina, Bulbasaur, Nidorina, Charizard
Dice are identical! Bagon has paint missing from his nose. Mudkip and Munchlaxes have marks.

Kyogre and Groudon have marks/worn paint. They're huge and I mostly just want them gone - $2 each maybe?
All sold!

Pencils lot! Japanese battle pencils and some of the super oldschool US pencils. Japanese ones are in excellent condition, most of the US ones are in fairly good condition but one has been sharpened and the gold reflective ones are a little worn. Several different Pokemon! $8 or best offer.

Freebies! All of these have marks, missing pieces, etc. Not doing condition checks on freebies, sorry! Take up to two with purchase or $.25 each.
Raichu, Numel, and far left Pikachu claimed!

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