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Sales + Collection Update

So, I haven't posted here in a while. I kind of took a break from collecting for a bit, but I'll be back into things with school and work starting soon. This is a multi purpose post.

First off, so this isn't entirely dull, are a few new things I've added to my collection over the last couple months.

Woohoo, I finally got thew Mewtwo vs Mew figure set. I'd been looking for that for quite a while. I also managed to find that Venusaur vs Mew set as well, which I didn't even know existed. The solid kid completes my collection of solid Mew kids and the two clears start me off on that collection.

The top spinner and lone Mew (I gathered it's some Gashapon figure, but what exactly?) in the plastic bag came in a random lot as did the Mew in the blue package. I wasn't quite sure what that was at first until it actually came in the mail and I looked at the back of the package. Turns out that it's a toothbrush holder and it has a suction cup so it can be attached to a mirror.

On a related note, can someone tell me if there are clear versions of the belly Mew, winking Mew, and PokePark Mew kids (I'm going to guess no on this one)? I've never seen them anywhere.

And now onto the second part of this post, sales. Click the banner below to view them!

( Fake Sales Cut )
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