Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last auction reminder! All things are 1$!

Auction has end!! Thank you all for bidding :) I´m ready now with making the totals for every winner! ^-^<3

Hello comm! My 1$ auctions ends in less than 12 hours now (june 27th 12.00 pm - european time)!! 12.00am (at midnight) berlin time!
Many things are at the starting bid or have no bids. So pleaaassee come and take a look! :3

Rare plushies, a big custom pika pair pillow and mint pokemon mini games for only 1$!
Shipping costs worldwide are only max. 4,50$ no matter how much you buy!
(Please note that also the coins, staks,battrios aso. are flats and only 1-2$ shipping to elsewhere! ^^)

2013-06-20 15.53.03 2013-06-20 16.25.23
Please use the following link to comes to the auctions:

Second reminder: My play-by-play bulbasaur is still searching for a new lovely home!^^ Please make an offer for him!
pics are under the cut! Gifs

[pics of bulbasaur!]
2013-06-24 15.22.29
2013-06-24 15.22.34
2013-06-24 15.22.46

2013-06-24 15.24.19

Third reminder: Aceo cards! There are still many slots open and 1 card costs only 8$ total (incl. shipping + all fees). :3
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