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Creative Insanity

Turtwig and Articuno collection update

I haven't posted in a while but, I got a shock last weekend when superdweed came over and gave me early birthday presents. My birthday isn't for another 17 days and he's going!  to be here on that day too. I love everything he gave me though. There are more things he got me but the rest aren't pokemon related.

He got me a talking Turtwig plush! I thought that when he came over that we were going to need to go looking for it. Well now I don't need to search through all of my stores! Also while we were out shopping we bought some cards and I got these 4 new Turtwigs. 

Turtwig Pile!
I found out that I had another Articuno card in the promo section of my card binder. That Burger King Articuno is another early birthday present from superdweed. I really wasn't expecting that articuno!

When we were at Walmart we found the Dialga, Mothim and Shellos pack so I had to get it because of mothim. Now I have two Dialga's but I'm painting one of them shiny.

The silver wind is made out of silver sculpy clay and was just for this picture.

Yes this is random but I had to add it!

I actually took these a while ago but I thought they were too cute not to post. The first thing Ricky did when I got Dialga was plop right next to him. I thought he'd be afraid of it since he's never seen anything like it before. My dad thinks that it looks like Millie is trying be Pikachu's mom in the picture. I don't have any cute pictures of my dog hanging out with any of my pokemon yet.
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