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Collection questions

Minor background story: I used to uber collect Pokemon back when it first hit the US shores in the late 90's. However, a flood wiped out 90% of my collection about 8 or so years ago and I just stopped collecting and didn't pay attention to anything outside the games and packed up what survived of my collection for storage until recently.

I have started to unpack said storage of collection and rediscovered one of my figures that I think is rare.. But I have no idea how rare it is or what kind of figure it is, if that makes sense? So any help would be greatly appreciated. :3 I have provided several pics of the figure in question, including a pic of the bottom where it was factory stamped. The only thing I remember about it is paying about $10 at a gaming store and the box being in Japanese.

Any help greatly appreciated. ^^ I figured this community would be the best to ask with the epic amount of collectors.

Also, I found a mint, 1st Edition holo Gyarados card. I googled to see how much it's worth and one site said $45.. Is that accurate? O.o;

And lastly, because I am so giggly to have him back, uber Meowth is uber! XD; (I think I got him at K-mart way back.)

In a few weeks I'll do a proper collections post with the things I've unpacked added with the lovelies I've recently snagged on Y!J and eBay. X3;
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