Emurii (emurii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cards? Merch? Something?

Hey guys,

I've been searching around on sales posts and shops for a while, and I figured I've earned the right by now to post one of those obnoxious "anybody have anything? I'm too lazy to look anymore" posts. (It's good because you can make people buy things from you?)

So, I've decided to collect Mismagius a bit (she was basically my starter in Diamond once I got her from my boyfriend's copy of Pearl, I love her to death), and I'm looking for _any_ Mismagius merch. Reasonably priced flat items included. (If anyone, for some insane reason, has the Pokedoll for less than $24 shipped pleeeease let me know.) I'm also interested in Misdreavus, but... less so?

Cards-wise, I'm looking for reverse holos of Mismagius, Misdreavus, Cacnea and Bulbasaur. Mint/near mint preferred. I'm also looking for plain ol' regulah holos of Mismagius.

So... if you have any of these things, drop me a line.

Also, poll: seriously considering snatching up that ectransfer flower-less Landmin from eBay and modifying it with foam shuriken as discussed a while ago in the chat. Masculinemin, yea / nay? YO ANSWER DON'T MATTA CAUSE MANMIN IS MINEMIN. Stay tuned for the manliest min in the history of green fluffy hedgehogs, cats and kittens.
Tags: bulbasaur, cacnea, misdreavus, mismagius, shaymin
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